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Local CR stuff

I'm giving some thought to sponsoring a monthly local CR discussion group of some sort. Since I'm in Everett, I figured it would either be in the north end of Seattle, or that we might do it in south Snohomish somewhere. I've had a few people say they'd be interested in such a thing. Would anyone be interested in co-sponsoring with me?

With this in mind, what kinds of things would people like to do at such a thing? I could see those of us who are fairly well along on our paths comparing notes and talking about what we're reading lately, as well as keeping up with each other's research and ritual work that's okay for group discussion. At this point, I don't see it particularly being a ritual group, as we all seem to have such diverse approaches, though we could certainly consider getting together from time to time to experiment with some group work.

For newer folks, it could present opportunities to talk to folks with more experience, get advice on reading lists, talk about their experiences, and ask questions or offer their own thoughts. It could also offer a place where newer folks could go if they're looking for somebody to help mentor them in their personal work.

At the moment, I'm sort of envisioning this happening at a cafe, for instance in a bookshop, like the meetups often do.

Any thoughts?
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