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I've been documentarized

This from my friend Corinne:

On October 15, 2005, my short film “MARC My Words” will premiere at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - at the Cinerama (2100 4th Ave, Seattle) at 12:00 pm, as part of the “Local Shorts” program. The 11-minute short documentary profiles the activities and attitudes of the group MARC – the Multifaith Alliance of Reconciling Communities, an association of multifaith GLBT clergy, as well as the growth of the Religious Coalition for Equality, an issues-based coalition of clergy of all stripes and sexualities working for GLBT rights.

Ed Shields, gay ex-priest and one-time president of Dignity Seattle, and Erynn Laurie, bisexual druid priestess and respected pagan author and scholar, discuss the issues GLBT people face when they express their spiritual needs as well as the challenges that all people - gay, straight, bi or trans – face when working across cultural and religious lines. The film contains unique footage of the Marriage Equality Rally in Olympia on February 14, 2005, when hundreds of clergy and supporters (including the Seattle Men’s and Women’s Choruses) gathered on the steps of the Capitol in support of love and marriage for all. Since the press virtually ignored the rally, this is a rare opportunity for those who were not there to witness the full scope of the event, and for the rest of us to recall the beauty of the experience.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for Local Shorts through Three Dollar Bill Cinema (
I invite anyone and everyone to come and support the work of local queer filmmakers.

While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the festival. It always has something for everyone.
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