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Samhain Feast: CASA Fundraiser

My apologies for the late notice. Between travel and personal stuff, I've not had time to get our notice ready.

This year, CASA will be sponsoring my semi-annual Samhain Feast. This event is usually private and invitation only, but this year I'm putting it on as a fundraisier for CASA. I would like to invite the community to celebrate with me and my friends in this season of the New Year, for purification, communion with the ancestors, and a look into the year ahead.

The Samhain Feast features work with the ancestors and with Celtic deities of the dead and of the Otherworld. We will provide the feast and divination for the ceremony. Please bring images or mementos of those who have gone before to place on the altar. Erynn will provide free ogam divinations for those who wish it.

When: Tuesday, November 1st from 7:00 to 9:30 PM
Where: Ballard Odd Fellows Lodge on Market Street in Ballard
Cost: $50 donation to CASA

PLEASE RSVP BY TUESDAY OCTOBER 25TH so that we know how much food to prepare.

Our tentative menu for the event:
appetizers (veggies, fruit, olives, cheese, crackers)
rose hip soup
Irish soda bread
baked mixed winter veggies with olive oil and rosemary
pork roast with apples and garlic
polenta with mushrooms and gruyere
baked pears in ginger sauce
chocolate raspberry mousse
cranberry juice
mulled cider
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