Erynn (erynn999) wrote in nw_druids,

Pre-ordering Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom

Because so many have asked, and because the August 1st release date (Lughnassadh!) is right around the corner, I just wanted to let folks know again that they can pre-order the book at this website via PayPal. Cost for the book is $22.49 plus shipping, and if you send a note about your name along with your order, I'll personalize it with my autograph to you. All pre-ordered copies will be signed!

Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom is about 300 pages of information about ogam, divination, ritual, and Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism as practiced by the author (that's me).

There will be a release party in Seattle, date to be announced, and I will most likely be appearing at Pagan Pride down in Beaverton, Oregon on September 8th as a featured speaker. I'm working out details with the organizers at the moment.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and support!
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