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Question for others with formal study/interest in/background

I am only a selectively patient person, and when faced with things I have been putting off to long (in this case formal Druidic study) I tend to go a bit crazy. I have been trying to slow down in general, prioritize and the like. This year I plan to actually start some of the study I have been been denying myself for years. My problem is that now I want to sign up for all the courses I want to take *at once* and I'm pretty sure that that will be a bit over taxing. I have info on 4+ at this time.

For those of you who have participated in formal Druidic study programs how and why did you chose the ones you took or are planning on taking?

For those of you who are interested in taking one have taken more then one, did you take them one at a time, or more then one? Why did you take the programs in the order you did- because it was how you wanted to take them or for financial reasons or other?

Some of my concern too is that the ones I want to take the most or first are the ones that I can not quite afford yet.

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