Erynn (erynn999) wrote in nw_druids,

Diana Paxson book signing, now a free rune class! - Seattle, WA

Diana Paxson's book signing is now a free rune workshop! Edge of the Circle Books, Saturday, October 16th from 4-6pm.

“Runes wilt thou find,
and rightly read,
of wondrous weight,
of mighty magic…” (Havamál 142)

In the runes we read the meaning of our lives, but that is only the beginning of what they can do. Come hear Diana L. Paxson discuss the history and meaning of the magical alphabet of the North and demonstrate how the runes can be used for meditation, magic, and healing. Diana is an Elder in the Troth and author of /Taking Up the Runes/, /Trance-Portation/, and many novels with legendary themes She will be available for Rune Readings afterward.
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