Ro (divine_flux) wrote in nw_druids,

Help!!! I'm getting married!!! :)

Greetings everyone.  I'm planning a wedding for me and my partner for May '08 and could use some help.

We are both spiritually connected (he a Druid and I of mixed spiritual beliefs) and would like to have our ceremony show that.  Spirituality is very important to both of us.

Currently what I'm having the hardest time at is finding someone who could/will work with us in our desires and conduct the ceremony.  I have no idea where to look for this person.  We'll be having the legal ceremony in Canada, since we can't be legally married in most of the US, but that is just for the legality of it all ... the ceremony that will mean the most to us, will be done here and will have much more meaning to us and our spirits.  This will be the ceremony that will truly be the connection between us and the Powers That Be.

Any suggestions?

I'm also looking for the right location.  We are located in Seattle, WA and it' has to be somewhere around the area ... it also has to be outdoors.  Someplace where everyone will forget that they are even near city life.  If it wasn't that most of our guests don't drive, we'd be having the ceremony up on Mt. Rainier.

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